About Nightmarket


For starters, MAMA knows best. MAMA is your go-to person for recommendations, especially when it comes to multicultural flavors. 

MAMA is a community dedicated to preserving immigrant culture by sharing authentic flavors & traditions through recommendation, education & conversation. 

Our Mission is to reappropriate ethnic food by giving a voice to diverse restaurants & communities who are often underrepresented. 


A festival series that transports you into the heart of diverse food culture and aims to create the ultimate international experience.

This time, we’re bringing together the BEST of LA’s street food and dishes. 

As always, MAMA's collaborating with some of the BEST under-represented restaurants that truly embody the community, ranging from your classic cultural favorites to new upstart takes on tradition.

It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity to eat your way through the greatest dishes from every vibrant corner in LA... all within 5 acres of where it all started – the birthplace of the original Asian-American farmers market of LA, founded in 1909 – and now our new home.



A Non-Profit Organization feeding seniors in minority communities.

Senior citizens are often forgotten, including the meals they're fed during times of need and comfort. No one wants to eat meals they're not accustomed to. 

RESPECT YOUR ELDERS provides meals to seniors they actually love – food from their own cultural background. In doing so, multicultural mom & pop restaurants are simultaneously supported.